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Business and cultural centre of the Beskyd’s foothills. Two cities divided by the river Ostravice. The town Frydek has arised around a castle in the first half of 14th century, in place where a significant business route crossed the river Ostravice. Originaly the town was protected by ramparts. Nowadays the main feature is the castle from 1333 built instead of an elder strong-hold, lately often extended and renewed. During 17th century houses under the castle were rebuilded into today’s “Front” castle. However in the end of the century it burnt out and was reconstructed in the 18th century. The interior is interesting as well as the museum of the Beskydy mountains placed here. The pilgrimage church distinguishes from local ecclesiastic monuments. The church has reputedly a miraculous statue of Our Lady. The eldest chuch here is the chuch of St. Jan Krtitel from the first half of 14th century.

The predecessor of Mistek was a village with a castle Fryberg mentioned already in 1267. Today’s city has rised in 1389 and was called Mistke. Fans of architecture may visit the church of At. Jan and Pavel, the Rococo building from the 17th century, the small church of Vsech Svatych builded between years 1716-30 and the church of St. Jakub from 1644 built in place of original wooden construction. Between years 1891 and 1893 the Czech famous poet Petr Bezruc had been working in the local post office.

Information centre - Nám. Svobody 6, 738 02 Frýdek – Místek, tel: +420-558 646 888, e-mail:
Information centre - Zámecké náměstí 1257, 738 02 Frýdek – Místek, tel: +420-558 438 391, e-mail:


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